Ariel :- WashBucket Challenge

I am a tech freak but I haven’t used washing machine even once in my life, so Ariel & BlogAdda came up with an opportunity where they made me use the machine to wash clothes and share the experience with everyone. After getting shortlisted, I received a packet of Ariel washing powder from Blogadda as a part of the campaign. I informed my mother to assist me in washing clothes next day and also capture some snaps, my mom was shocked on hearing such statement from me and I explained her about the campaign. She was happy and loved the concept.

Next day in the morning, I started using washing machine under my mom’s guidance and learned how to operate the machine, as our washing machine is semi- automatic so I had to learn some mechanisms before using it. After going through the process I took my first step of filling the water and then adding clothes into it and finally using the “Ariel” and carrying out the washing process step by step.


Finally a journey of 20 minutes came to end and the clothes were washed. Through this challenge I found the joy of washing clothes and also learned the art of washing them, I am no expert but still I managed to pull this challenge on me and completed successfully.

This challenge made me think of all the women across globe who wash their family’s clothes on regular basis. Being a man, I have never thanked my mom or any other women for the effort they made to ensure our clothes are washed, but this is the moment and I would take this opportunity to say THANK YOU !! to all the women across globe. It feels great to share the load and be helpful to women in carrying out household chores, also a big Thanks to Ariel & BlogAdda for coming up with such a contest.
Cheers !!!


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