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We all love our opposite gender and get attracted towards them which is natural and non-harmful,from school kids to senior citizens all of them have their crushes. I am really a shy type of person while approaching or interacting with girls but when the time is up you need to act and put your fears behind. If I had to propose my crush on Valentine’s Day then I would have planned & researched lot of things to make it perfect.

1) Casual Texts

I will send her some casual texts asking her about her plans and after knowing her response ( Whatever it maybe), I would ask her to meet and hang out nearby and eat something.

2) Bike Ride

Once she is out with me I would ensure my bike is properly cleaned and the tank is full (Avoiding any Embarrassment) and I would definitely take her to a long ride and no girl would refuse to enjoy a ride on a bike.  A long drive with many speed breakers and traffic would ensure that she would remain close to me ( Indirectly) and even I will be able to execute my plans and change my plans (If needed). Bike ride is one of the best way where a girl wouldn’t mind to join me and will also help us to spent some quality time.

3) Beach

I love water and beaches in Mumbai are a boon for all our Mumbaikars. I will take her to Aksa beach which remains deserted most of the time where we can park the bike and sit in a corner in peace. Once spending couple of minutes on beach I will hold her hand and ask her to walk with me without our footwear. I love walking on sand and the feel you get to walk on a sea shore with bare legs is Amazing !! I would not let her hand go till the time we are seated again in our place. Juice and snacks will follow , I will dare to have coconut water with her from a single coconut and that too using a single straw. This will definitely indicate her about my feelings and would boost a bit of confidence in me to carry on with my plan.

4) Sunset

I will make her sit on sand with me while keeping my hand over her shoulders and describing the beauty of viewing sun settling down and would ask her to just relax and enjoy the beautiful moment.

5) Cafe

There is beautiful cafe situated around Aksa Beach where I take her to our reserved table with a view of the beach from the window and the cold breeze hitting our face. I would order a bottle of Heinlein each ( As we both love beer ). Once the bottle is half complete I will hold her hands and would express my felling towards her. In short – I will propose her ! & I predict her answer would be “YES

This is my plan to propose my crush on this Valentine’s Day and hopefully she agrees with me.

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Using Quikr for Relocating

Just when we think of relocating from one place to another we get tensed. Our mind starts thinking of everything and we get confused over what to do, where to find & whom to approach,we start making Google searches and refer to various books and guides & in worst case call our relatives for help ! Technology & Internet is a boon to us and now we can easily relocate ourselves to a different town/city with ease and without any hazzels. Quikr is a website which provides everything ( I seriously mean everything ) which you demand and can fulfill all your queries over a mouse click.

If I had to relocate to Banglore on work purpose than I would use Quikr as my guide.

Visit :-

I would first look for the real estate section where I would select the type of flat I am looking for and then I would enter my desired location and price range and also I would use a special feature from Quikr which allows me to classify ads from Broker,Individual & Builder.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

After choosing and finalizing a flat for myself, I would search into Home & Lifestyle section where I can select the necessary equipment & accessories required for myself such as Bedsets, Sofas & Dining Table.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

While going through Sofa sets Quikr offers me to use various different features where I can classify the type of ad I wish to view. I can select the price range,type & location for sofa sets which will help me to get the best matched ads as per my query and will make work easier for me rather than going to various shops and keep on bargaining and banging heads.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

Then I would explore the Electronics & Appliances section on Quikr where I can find Tv sets,refrigerators & Ac’s,dvd players and much more.So with just a click I will land onto the page where I will select a refrigerator and now I would be able to classify my ads using the features of the website such as Location,type,price range,Tonnage & the brand.Once done with the classification now I am ready to explore different ads and contact them.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

Now it’s time for television where I can select my desired brand,range,features with a click and explore the advertisements. I can contact the seller immediately  with the given contact number & land home a new television for myself.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-


Now as my house is all set it’s time for transport and being a biker I would prefer two wheeler for myself which will help me to travel comfortably and help me cut down my expense so here I logged onto the car & bikes section where I select motorcycle and including using the features finally the ads are displayed where I can select my desired bike and contact the seller instantly.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

So Finally Relocating to Banglore isn’t that hard, Just Log on to Quikr & build a complete home instantly without moving a muscle.


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Melbourne :- Heaven on Earth !

Oye People !!!

When you talk or hear about Australia your mind automatically start those imaginations and the pictures you have seen over the internet,television or any press media and you are mesmerized into those beautiful pictures. Yes, Australia Indeed is one of the most beautiful country in the world.Today we are talking about an Australian City named Melbourne…I am sure everyone knows about it so let’s start a beautiful journey through my vision on Melbourne.

I felt in love with Melbourne ever since I learned about it in school, I went through multiple books and maps in the library to explore more about the city and I was fascinated to learn that there are multiple reasons to fall in love with this city.This city has been named as “The most Livable City in the World” according to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and has been on the top 3 since 2002. A city which offers you almost everything you demand and you wish for it.

Melbourne is located on the South-Eastern part of  mainland Australia within the state of Victoria.The city is the financial head of the country and also one of the best cities in Australia in the form of climate.The climate is completely soothing and the average temperature is around 24°C and falls upto 5°C. Humidity and rainfall are decent making it a perfect city.In 2007 the Government of Australia declared to build Wonthaggi desalination plant  on Victoria’s south-east coast, capable of treating 150 billion litres of water per year.The Government has taken many appropriate measures and have set a goal to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2020. Environment is one of the top priorities where the Government are planning new projects and acts to make the state of Victoria the best in the world. (info by Wiki)

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

Melbourne is also known for it’s culture and sports and is regarded as the International culture center where they promote and showcase major events ranging from festivals, drama, musical events, comedy, music, art, architecture, literature, film and television.Melbourne is the birthplace of Australian Films and drama.The historic Princess Theatre is the living example of  it and Melbourne celebrates a variety of festivals both locally and internationally.One of the most famous and Australia’s largest free community festival is Moomba.

La Trobe Reading Room in the State Library of Victoria

La Trobe Reading Room in the State Library of Victoria

Princess Theatre

Princess Theatre

Melbourne Visitor Centre:-

The Melbourne Visitor Centre (MVC) is located at Federation Square, opposite Flinders Street Station where a visitor can have face to face conversation free brochures, maps and event listings, along with souvenirs and a travel booking service.It’s a boon to have something like this where a visitor can just stop at one place and get all he wants along with the necessary guidance.This is absolutely amazing !

Melbourne is known for the best street art in the world where Street art includes stencils, paste-ups and murals which does not include graffiti or tagging as it is illegal. The lanes and passages downstreet are filled with these art which is priceless and adds up to the beauty which is remarkable.These artworks are so beautiful and carries a theme & defines itself.

Img Courtesy :-



There are several kids attraction which can also be enjoyed by adults and the family together can have a gala time.Right from the aquarium to the zoo, and museums to ice-skating everything is situated and available in this city where there is no bounds of happiness,thriller and enjoyment.One of the biggest attraction is

IMAX Melbourne Museum:-
The screen at IMAX Museum is a massive seven storeys high, measuring 32 meters wide and 23 meters high ( Info from Wiki). The theatre was purposely built to house the revolutionary projection system and the world’s best digital surround sound that make an IMAX screening the most immersive movie experience in the world you have ever seen.Screening 3D Screening  documentaries to blockbuster movies and is world’s third-largest screen, IMAX Melbourne Museum is the ultimate cinematic experience for cinema lovers. THIS IS SOMETHING WHICH CANNOT BE MISSED…!

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-


Australia is one of the leading nations when it comes to sports. They are almost on top of the world in all the sports be it cricket or hockey or any atheletic sport. My favourite destination in Melbourne is to visit Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), the stadium is one of the largest and of the most historic stadium in cricketing world.Who wouldn’t love to hold a glass of beer and watch Shane Warne bowl in the overcast conditions of an Ashes Test but unfortunately he has retired however the sport continues and visiting the stadium is on my toplist.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-


Melbourne Offers everything a metropolitan city offers from culture,sport,cinema to food and night life.The Queen Victoria Market is one of the attraction where every tourist or a visitor needs to visit and explore into it.


One of the most relaxing thing in a journey is a looongg drive across the sea where we can feel peace and the drive drives our mood.A drive alongside sea is the best medicine for a sad individual and the Great Ocean Road welcomes you with open arms.Everyone enjoys this drive and is remembered forever.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

A day is completed with the stroke on sunset and it can be experienced at a beach.Melbourne has numerous beaches and touching your feet on the sand and walking with your partner in arms is such romantic feeling which is hard to explain in words. Sitting on the sand with cold breeze hitting your head & hairs while looking at the sun setting down makes a complete picture.

Img Courtesy :-

Img Courtesy :-

Finally the evening arrives and the city has many hotels and roadside food vendors who offer delicious food and desserts but one of the unique feature of these hotels are the rooftops bars.Aye..that’s what I will be looking forward to in the evening when I will visit the city,The rooftop bars are absoulete beauty and the view of skyscrapers and the panoramic view of the city looks magnificent.I can’t wait any longer now !!!!


Melbourne I am Coming Soon….I can’t wait now !!!

“Aussie…Aussie…Aussies…Oye Oye Oye”

Check out some cool videos of the city :- CLICK


Alongside Check out Tourism Victoria website  :- CLICK & receive all the information about the city.



Q. Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?

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Overcome your Fear !

Everyone has ups and downs in their life and we encounter it everyday, life is so unpredictable which we cannot even predict of things happening in the next moment to come. We can expect things but we cannot assure them. Well in our lives we need to achieve many things and for them we need to work hard and make our-self ready. Life makes you face many tough situations but finally it’s upon us how we tackle and overcome our difficulties.

There were many tough situations which I faced since childhood, but this one incident changed many things for me. Well, I was in 9th standard and I used to go to Sea Cadet Corps every Sunday at T.S Jawahar,Colaba for training. We used to do many activities such as parade,rifle shooting,sailing and we were taught many naval and nautical terms. On one particular Sunday we were told that there would be a sailing competition next week among you all and the winner would be promoted and will be awarded with many prizes but the last 3 persons (sailors) in the race will be demoted and have to undergo training with the juniors for a period of 3 months. So this competition looked exciting to all of us but we were concerned too. The participants were given special access to the facilities for an entire week to practice and be ready for the competition. Due to unavoidable circumstances I could not go for practice for an entire week and was really scared to enter the competition due to lack of practice. I had an option where I could skip the competition stating health issues but I wanted to win to it and so I took the risk and entered in the competition.The day arrived and I made myself ready but I was trembling due to neverness and was thinking “If I loose and come in the bottom 3 then I would be demoted and…” Those thoughts made my heart pumping faster and I went into the canteen to drink water. While drinking water one of my seniors saw me trembling and asked me for the reason, to which I replied him revealing my fear. He just laughed out and said me “You are a senior sailor,so just keep your head up and go for the glory”. I was bit relived but entered into the competition with my fear. I was on halfway when I realized that I need to push myself up to compete with the others and thoughts of loosing my pride of being a senior sailor was on stake. I just pushed myself really hard and made all efforts to win the race where I accidentally injured my leg and the pain was unbearable . Going further the knot on the main sail became loose and made it difficult for me to control the boat but I didn’t thought anything else and my only aim was to reach the finishing line so I was holding myself with all my energy left and reached the finishing line. I just laid flat once I reached there and after a few moments I got up to see my rank and was really happy to see me finishing 4th and that means I won’t be demoted…YES !!… I did it, though I didn’t won that day but I risked my pride and raised myself above my fear and that meant everything to me.The fear of demotion had gone away but I learned a lesson in my life that don’t let your fear overpower you but go out risk yourself and destroy your fear.

Mountain Dew ads are always inspiring and they pass a lesson for the viewers to never give up and overcome your fear. Please check out the below video to know more about their ad.

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Clean & Strong India

The picture of India looks beautiful but still today there are some of the problems faced by millions of people across India. I want to highlight some of the issues where we live in a country where 597 million people defecating in the open because of lack of toilets and financial issues. All these elements affects the basic health and hygiene of the people. Villages are mostly affected as most of the remote villages lack public toilets and they are forced to defecate in open. Childrens as well as adults face various health related issues and their hygiene is badly affected due to poor intake of food and lack of sanitation facilities.

The women of India has reached to various peaks across the globe and we also speak about empowerment and development of women but are we providing them with basic facilities like toilets ?. The Prime Minister Of India Mr.Modi also raised an issue for proper toilets and sanitation facilities for women where he expressed his grief and started the initiative to build toilets across India for women. The Prime Minister also raised an issue that we need to respect our women and we should not risk the dignity of millions of women. Rural and remote villages are affected at a large note where women have to travel several kilometers to relive themselves.The hardship they have to undertake is unbearable and defecating in open also puts them into risk and their health is also affected. Poor sanitation facilities leads to rise in the ailments and diseases to not only women but also children’s, There are maximum number of cases of Diarrhea suffered to women and children due to poor sanitation facilities.Poor sanitation has led to numerous cases of rapes and molestation of women and young girls.

Drainage system is also poorly prepared and barely maintained where the public toilets stink and give rise to mosquitoes and other germs and insects which causes various diseases and people are forced to defecate in open leaving them with no other option.The corrupt officials do not bother to look at the condition of these toilets and the money for the maintenance goes in their greedy pockets.We are living in 21st Century and it is a shame that we still do not have any adequate toilets and other sanitation facilities for the women.

Hopefully the Prime Minister of India have started the imitative to build toilets across India for women and we need to support the cause for the betterment of our women and children and we should also pledge to keep and respect the dignity of women.Alongside HUL’s sanitation brand Domex currently runs the Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme which is known as “Toilet for Babli” the term “Babli” is used to represent all the young girls of rural India where they are forced to defecate in open due to lack of toilets and sanitation facilities hence the Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme was launched on 19th November 2013 where the toilet academy builds toilets which are accessible and affordable while explaining to people about various benefits of clean toilets and their advantages. They have made lot of efforts and they have produced good results in the villages of Maharashta & Orrisa. Domex Aim to build  24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas faced with the problem of open defecation.

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Img Courtesy :- Domex,in

Img Courtesy :- Domex,in

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Device Play

Well Indiblogger always do come up with something interesting every time and they surprise you every now and then, well this time Indiblogger came up with a unique contest similar to the Reliance campaign which they organized a year back. Univercell Sync and Indiblogger came up with a campaign to make bloggers play with some new and exciting devices and also meet and greet other bloggers from your city at the store to discuss and explore technology at it’s very best. Well I am from Mumbai so selected the store near Regal Cinema, Causeway road in Colaba. I took half day leave from my  office and also decided to bunk my evening lectures in order to attend this campaign. I started my journey from Borivali in the scorching sun and reached the store by 2pm, and guess what my fellow bloggers were already present and they all greeted with handshakes and formal talks. IndiMail had mentioned to bring printout of the invite but it was not needed at the store and the executives were ready to help me in exploring some new devices and accessories. I came to know that the store is situated in a heritage affiliated  building so usually by law you cannot make alteration to the structure but the way the store was designed was fabulous and pretty clean work, the color was smooth blue with white tint so its attractive and easy view for your eyes.

The way they had arranged the devices was in rhythm and easy to explore with the tags alongside which carried information related to price and features.


The store had unique taglines and punches around the store which caught my eye so the following pic will make you understand more

The devices present were ready to use and where you can have your hands on the device before purchasing them, as people say “Use it before Buying it” which is very helpful for the buyers to have a glance on the object before they purchase it. The support staff at the store were very co-operative and helped us go through all our queries and answered them in a professional manner which is hard to find at any store or even malls. The way they had added the gallery was pretty simple and creative plus a buyer can also use the headphones which are on display before purchasing it and this feature is very hard to find generally at many stores. Below are some of the pics which turn words into reality.



Now time for the some quick tips which will help potential buyers to look out for :-

  •  The store is at a walkable distance from Churchgate station, around 10 minutes so no hassle of tiring

  • Easy to locate as it is situated next to the famous Regal Cinemas

  • Wide range of products,devices & accessories to explore in hand

  • The support staff is very co-operative and will guide you throughout your visit

  • The store offers some amazing prices and offers which will allow you to save

  • The store only offers genuine products so you can avoid a possible scam or end up buying copy products.


Now with all these key points I am sure you will make your next device purchase from Univercell Sync also while leaving the store we all were given some refreshments from Cafe Coffee Day and the visit was a nice one and quite enjoyable.Three cheers to Team Indi & Univercell Sync.