Airtel Launch 4G LTE Service


Airtel finally launched 4G LTE services in Mumbai, Airtel 4G is Truly the Fastest Network Ever, This is Based on 2300MHz TDD-LTE Band 40. The 4G service can be used by existing owners of 4G handsets and as a complimentary offer only. Airtel will be offering 4G services at the same data charges as its 3G services. The main reason behind the trials is to know customer feedback and try and improve the quality of the service. Airtel 4G at the same price as 3G,” said Ashok Ganapathy, Hub CEO – Mumbai. Maharashtra, Goa & Gujarat at Bharti Airtel.

As per my personal experience, Airtel 4g is the best network that anyone can experience. I am an existing customer of Airtel and recently upgraded to  4g, I used it for trial purpose and the speed would be usually around the 20-30 Mbps (Downloading) with the upper limit going as high as 55-60 Mbps at times which serves me well. The network strength for majority of test was 60-70%.  Airtel is a leading mobile network operator in India. I am using Airtel from the last 5 Years and I haven’t faced any issues even though I travel through train, I would say Airtel Network exists everywhere.  I have recommended to my family & friends. Airtel truly provide 4G speeds. Airtel is the first Telecom Network to provide 4g Services in India.  Airtel Plan rates are expensive but the services offered by them are unparallel compared to other networks. Their customer services are outstanding and are ready to help you whenever you demand it. Airtel has a wide network across several nations and having huge proportion of customer base in India.

The best thing about the launch is the Price factor, Airtel has made Plans available for 4G at 3G prices to ensure that everyone can afford data charges at a reasonable cost. Now to use 4G services you will need to upgrade your SIM card and of course your handset should support 4G. You can either visit the Airtel gallery/store or you can request for the 4G upgrade online as well.

Bharti Airtel offers 4G services around 19 cities across the country, including, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula. Airtel has also extended its 4G network in Maharashtra’s Virar, Nalaspora and Vasai.

Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal in March said that the company has plans to double its 4G network by installing around 20,000 more sites in addition to 20,000 sites it already has for 4G services. Customers who have a Smartphone with 4G support can upgrade to a 4G SIM at their nearest Airtel retail touch points across Mumbai.

New TVC of Airtel 4G



Mobile Banking :- Axis App

Recently Axis conducted a bloggers meet at their corporate office at Worli in association with BlogAdda. I quickly registered for the event and was awaiting to get shortlisted..As usual BlogAdda always fulfill your wish by shortlisting me to attend the event.



I always reach on time for events and I continued my legacy. I was quite happy as I was among the shortlisted bloggers who were given a chance to attend this meet. Unlike other, this was a professional meet and not a casual one. On entering the building I thought that Bankers are going to give us long boring speech about their product and me & a fellow blogger mate Anirudh reached the floor where snacks were waiting for us. I loved the guy “Hari” from BlogAdda as he welcomed us and with a great gesture offered us snacks, he also welcomed all the bloggers personally !

The event started and the room was packed with bloggers and bankers around me where our heads were focused on the computer screen in front of us displaying Axis Logo. As the conversation went ahead, I was suprised to see that my predictions were wrong and these bankers are quite interesting unless those stereotypical image of bankers.

The Mobile App from Axis was displayed to us and the meet was going to get forward in understanding the app and it’s features.


The App is used to conduct transaction over your phone without visiting the branch and loaded with many features and is fun to use.

The App is available on the following platforms :-

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Java ( Features Phones )

Axis Bank Screen 2

Mr. Pramod from Axis started off with the app by logging into the app within a minute which was amazing being a first time user. Once logged in, there were number of features and screens which were innovative.

Axis Bank Screen 3

I will divide the App into 3 parts to define it :-

  • User- Friendly
  • Secured
  • Personalized


User-Friendly :-

The app is user friendly as the UI is designed in such a way that everyone can use it effortlessly and people without technical expertise can also use this app. I loved the UI which offered a complete satisfactory user experience along with that the language used in the app is simple and easy to understand. Axis have made sure that they change bankers image in the mind of the people by using simple terms to define concepts.


I am a Cyber Forensics Professional and security is my top concern when it comes to anything online. I loved the encryption type which they used along with their cycle of security features which was truly amazing and a customer need not worry about getting hacked or loosing money while transacting online.

Axis Bank Screen 4


The app and the UI is so innovative loaded with tons of features where a customer can personalized almost everything as per his requirements. The UI is great, language and the features are loaded in this app that it amazed everyone of us.

Axis have introduced free wifi in 100 of their branches which will help customers download the app and start using it right away without going anywhere. The app is excellent and great !!!


This post is about ‘Make the Axis Acquaintance‘ meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with