Book Reviews

Well I love reading books which keeps me fresh and I love to read everything except cooking books because I don’t love to cook. So here I have listed the books which I had reviewed and you can have a look over it.

1) Private India :-

This is for the first time I am writing a review after reading a book and it makes me feel good, well I received a signed copy of Private India co-authored by James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi from BlogAdda. Read More

2) God is a Gamer :-

I need to thank BlogAdda for bringing an initiative where bloggers can read and review a book. This is my second book from BlogAdda followed by Private India. As soon as they came up with the book review program for “God is A Gamer”  I searched the details into in an found it to be an Bit-Coin Thriller.Read More


A Gujarati boy who is confused about everything related to him. The story features a Gujarati boy Rushabh his childhood sweetheart Mahek, Mahek’s father, Mehul Shah [Rushabh’s father], Mukul and Dolly and a couple of female characters.Read More



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