My Dream Home

Well everyone loves beautiful and luxurious homes and we all thrive to make it as beautiful with the interiors and other decorations.Currently themed based homes have a trend in the market where people are designing their homes according to various themes and matching accessories.The love for furniture and other interior makes a home perfect.My dream of such a home is still on a run but I just came across cross these beautiful home décor and interior products from Porcelanosa. This Spanish organization has been spreading their magical touch in interiors for 40 years and is known for their designs and products.Now they are entering the Indian market with with Kolte-Patil Developers for their luxury brand #24KLiving.They offer luxurious interior products and others with a variety u will fall in love with.

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While checking their products and designs, I wished if I would have own these Porcelanosa products I would have designed my home as per my choice and the perfect match provided by Porcelanosa.Basically , I love wearing dark shades but when it comes to home decor or color I choose soft and light colors which suits our eyes and don’t glare on us.

I picked a handful of things which I would love to own it in my house.

1) Floor : – Porcelain tiles

This flooring is a natural choice of ceramic flooring known for its resistance and style.I loved the soft white n grey shade along with the touch which brings a clear picture in the light and the shade gives your eyes peace.

2) Linkfloor

Img Courtesy:-

Img Courtesy:-

This floor looks stunning with its mat finish and has high resistance capacity from damp,wet etc.I want such a flooring in my drawing room where one can sit and relax and impress your guests with such a royal touch they won’t stop appreciating about it.The looks look formal as well as royal so this type of flooring also goes in my list.


Wall Tiles

 PAR-KER® Ceramic Parquet

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Img Courtesy:-

I fell in love while looking at the above picture, the Ceramic parquet is currently a highly valued option when choosing a flooring material. PORCELANOSA Group includes a wide range of models in different finishes and formats in its catalogue.I love such wall tiles as it matches with my floor tiles and gives a decent and sparkling look. Imagine yourself sitting on that chair with the same wall tiles and it’s raining outside.Ahh ! I just got goosebumps by imagining it.


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Who won’t love such a kitchen setup, though I never prepared or cooked anything apart from drinks 😛 this type of setup would be absouelty amazing the wooden patch and this is the most important part of a house and Porcelanosa have designed it with true perfection where all the requirements are fulfilled.

Now Finally,


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Img Courtesy:-

I love water and these luxurious bathrooms with rain showers they won’t allow you to step outside 😀 .I just love this.

Well these were some of the products which I would love to own and redesign it into my house. I hope you also want to check out various other products so
Check it out at #24kliving


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