Man Of Steel : Superman Returns

So finally everybody’s wait will come to end as Man Of Steel movie goes on the floor today after so much speculation and anticipation the movie will finally hit the audience , The movie is produced by one of the best producer Christopher Nolan¬† who is known for his superheros flicks such as Batman Triology¬† aka Dark Knight Series , the producer have recieved highly acclaimed awards and best critics for his works in his movies,while the movie has been directed by Zack Snyder another big name and yet another big movie it can be.



The cast is lead by Henry Cavill as Superman himself other cast includes Amy Adams , Michael Shannon , Diane Lane , Kevin Costner , Laurence Fishburne , and Russell Crowe .The movie is a work of fiction and is inspired from fictional comic book of superman from Marvel Comics.The movie is a production of Warner Bros Ltd which got into it after years of analyzing and scripting.Let’s hope that this movie brings a new dimension to superheroes and would be quite entertaining with its effects.I have not watched or read any superman books or movies yet I would love to watch this as the trailers are quite awesome…Just hoping to book a seat in a nearby cinema asap.