#SniffSniff:- Ban BodyOdour

The moment BlogAdda came up with the activity I was excited to be part of it and was guessing as what this could be, after waiting for couple of days finally the courier guy came to my place and delivered a parcel. I was in office so my mom informed me about it. Once I reached home I opened the blue package to find a Cloth pin attached on the printed nose of a figure and I was sure it was going to be something related to body odour .


I posted on Social Media platforms and received various answers from my friends and followers. The guessing game was on and we all were waiting for the next parcel to arrive and give us another clue regarding the product.

The next parcel arrived 2 days later and it contained a small sack which had coffee beans in it. The aroma of coffee beans were so mesmerizing and I really loved the way it was packed in the parcel. By finding coffee beans I was now more confident that the end product would be related to body odour and something like deodorizer and perfumes came into my mind.


Now, we were pretty much confident that that the product is related to body odour and the next parcel just gave our confidence a boost. I found a mask in the 3rd parcel which I received and now it was pretty sure that the mask is given to protect us from body odour. The mask looked funny but it was essential afterol.




The very next day we went to the SniffSniff meet where the product was launched by Mr.Arjun Rampal and we came to know that the product was Nivea Men’s Deodorizer. The Launch was super fun and quite interactive.


For detailed report on the meet :- CLICK


After 2 days I received the 4th parcel which had the final product “Nivea Men’s Deodorizer”. The package was neat and tidy and the fragrance was nice and soothing.


Overall, the activity was fun and interesting as both ourselves and our friends were kept in a puzzle until the product was launched. The activity helped me realize the importance of body odour and how it affects and the ways to get rid of it. Thanks BlogAdda & Nivea for their initiative !!


Nivea Men’s Launch Meet

After all the hype and the clues which we posted regarding #SniffSniff in our earlier post to guess the final product was going to be revealed at this meet.A week which was exciting with all those clues which we posted in our earlier post to guess what the product will be, now it was the time to unfold the mystery at the meet.

The launch meet for the SniffSniff event was held at Four Seasons Hotel in Worli,Mumbai. We bloggers were invited for the meet by BlogAdda and a round of introduction was conducted followed by a discussion cum fun activity with the host to describe BodyOdour and the methods to tackle it.The discussion went quite intense when couple of bloggers when way into it..!! Uff…! The body odor stinks, now it was the time for the Celeb Guest to walk in and share his views on BodyOdour. The guest was none other than Mr.Arjun Rampal who walked it and shared his experiences regarding body odour and ways to tackle it.


Mr. Rampal also interacted with bloggers and explained why it’s important to get rid of body odour and the science behind it. On conclusion of the topic we were highly obliged when Mr.Rampal posed with us for a Group photo.


Post Lunch, The media guys walked in and now a full fledged setup was ready to launch and unveil the product. The Officials from Nivea gave a brief speech on Body Odour and how we should take care of our hygiene. Once it was done, Mr. Rampal came in with the replica of the product we all were waiting for. It was Nivea Men’s Deodorizer .

10402602_990267260992770_5524313666765677251_n 11407184_990261600993336_4806567884964131797_n



Arjun took the center stage and shared his experiences regarding Body Odour and also gave light on how to maintain Hygiene and his thoughts on the product, he mentioned that he has been using the product for last  6 months before the official launch and he is quite satisfied with it. He also answered questions from the journalists and Media Guys and very patiently answered some whacky questions as well. Truly the meet was huge, fun, interactive and as usual we bloggers had a great time with BlogAdda.

Thank U BlogAdda for this great activity where everybody loved and enjoyed to core….!!


I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea


Bolt Drive to Lonavala

After  visiting The Bolt in the mall , it was time for some Bolt Drive experience where shortlisted bloggers were driven off to Lonavala on a Crazy hot Sunday. When I received a mail from BlogAdda regarding the event, I was excited about it and was waiting for Sunday to arrive soon. On Saturday evening I was in Hilton Hotel for a Pre-Launch  of a new Smartphone and I enjoyed at the hotel till midnight.


On Sunday morning I woke up after several calls from my fellow bloggers and finally got ready and started my bike, I picked up a blogger mate in the middle and enjoyed driving the bike on highway with fresh air and empty roads. As we reached our destination we were welcomed by the Superman of BlogAdda “Harish” aka “Hari” and we were offered seats as per our team formations. Breakfast followed soon and finally we moved out and grabbed our seat in our respective <<Tata Bolts>> .After a round of introductions by all the teams, Tata Motors team gave us the short presentation about the features, the technology of the Bolt car.We headed to MMRDA grounds where short suspension test drive was made to give us comfy feel even on bumpy roads,while my team mates were busy tweeting,clicking pictures and uploading it I was enjoying the ride 😛
img-20150421-wa0019 img-20150421-wa0046

Ankita from BlogAdda was driving our car, and yes ! she drives really well. Captain Bolt ( Unable to trace his identity ) would call us on regular intervals and would guide us with the features of the car. We were loving our experience so far and the music system from Harman Kardon® was awesome. The features which are loaded within were awesome, I loved the spacious design of the car which allows passengers to relax and sit with comfort.

For Detailed Features of the car :-  CLICK

We made our pit-stop to a Dhaba for a delicious lunch, the food taste was decent and we need to appreciate BlogAdda for their excellence in management. Hari was the most active member from their team, not only he is active but he is also cheerful and friendly. Post lunch we went to Tiger Hill through curvy roads which were dangerous but our skilled driver made it look easy and we reached safely. The amazing view from Tiger hill made everyone click selfies and pictures while I was just enjoying the view and feel of the place. So mesmerizing and amazing !! And then we started our Return journey  towards Mumbai and we made our final pit-stop at CCD where the team thanked everyone for their presence and a final Good Bye to all.





A Sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.

Ariel :- WashBucket Challenge

I am a tech freak but I haven’t used washing machine even once in my life, so Ariel & BlogAdda came up with an opportunity where they made me use the machine to wash clothes and share the experience with everyone. After getting shortlisted, I received a packet of Ariel washing powder from Blogadda as a part of the campaign. I informed my mother to assist me in washing clothes next day and also capture some snaps, my mom was shocked on hearing such statement from me and I explained her about the campaign. She was happy and loved the concept.

Next day in the morning, I started using washing machine under my mom’s guidance and learned how to operate the machine, as our washing machine is semi- automatic so I had to learn some mechanisms before using it. After going through the process I took my first step of filling the water and then adding clothes into it and finally using the “Ariel” and carrying out the washing process step by step.


Finally a journey of 20 minutes came to end and the clothes were washed. Through this challenge I found the joy of washing clothes and also learned the art of washing them, I am no expert but still I managed to pull this challenge on me and completed successfully.

This challenge made me think of all the women across globe who wash their family’s clothes on regular basis. Being a man, I have never thanked my mom or any other women for the effort they made to ensure our clothes are washed, but this is the moment and I would take this opportunity to say THANK YOU !! to all the women across globe. It feels great to share the load and be helpful to women in carrying out household chores, also a big Thanks to Ariel & BlogAdda for coming up with such a contest.
Cheers !!!


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Book Review :- God is A Gamer

I need to thank BlogAdda for bringing an initiative where bloggers can read and review a book. This is my second book from BlogAdda followed by Private India. As soon as they came up with the book review program for “God is A Gamer”  I searched the details into in an found it to be an Bit-Coin Thriller. Well this is a new concept for me as I last read about bitcoins through a torrent website and other resources on the web. I signed up for the campaign and waited for it desperately to lay my hands on it.

IMAG0040  IMAG0041












Finally I received my copy which was signed by the author himself Mr.Ravi Subramanian, well I eas quite excited to start reading and explore into the bitcoin thriller. First I will give a brief explanation about the author so that you can get a idea about him and then we shall continue with the review.

About the Author :-

Ravi Subramanian is an Indian Author and banker by profession he is an An alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore from the batch of 1993 also he has worked in financial service industry for two decades and now he is CEO of a listed company called as NBFC. He is known for his creative writing and has writes in the thriller genre which is fascinating for the readers, he has received couple of awards for his books and is India’s well known author.

Check out the list of his books below :-

  • 2007If God Was a Banker
  • 2008I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari
  • 2010Devil in Pinstripes
  • 2011The Incredible Banker
  • 2012The Bankster
  • 2013Bankerupt
  • 2014God is a Gamer

Plot :-

The story revolves around Bitcoins as the theme of the story and the story has many threads which are inter connected. U.S president’s close aid has been killed – various groups in Goa – Master Card – KeyLoggers – Phishing Attack – Father and Son meets after ages – Criminals from various nations spreading their Terror. These all threads are well interconnected to each other  and a wonderful riddle is soved. The story features a thriller and delivers it.

My Review :-

At the starting of the book the story took of nicely describing about the MasterCard and phishing attacks and the chapters ahead are beautifully divided and well constructed. This book made me ignore my studies and games for 3 days and I was hooked onto it till I reach at the end of the book.The story describes various technological terms such as phishing and keyloggers which are unknown to the many,Being a Computer Forensics Student and a Digital Evidence Analyst this book is perfect for me. The story and use of various technical terms made it interesting for me and One would read it as quickly he can to find out what’s next in the store.The story holds a grip on the readers and every chapter is unique and interesting .The book stands by its’s word thriller and delivers it to perfection. People of love thriller and love reading thriller stories should opt for this book and I am sure you won’t get disappointed. So I recommend you all to buy the book to know more and experience the a thriller ride which you all will enjoy to core.

Title: God is a Gamer
Author: Ravi Subramanian

Publishers: Penguin
ISBN: 978-0-143-42139-9
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 310
MRP:  Rs 189

Buy Now from Flipkart : – CLICK

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Quikr :- Everything is Possible

BlogAdda always surprises us and this time they made it large by offering a bumper Diwali gift in association with Quikr.They came up with a campaign where shortlisted bloggers can be part of the Quikr campaign. The campaign by Quikr offered bloggers to purchase any product worth 5k and get your money reimbursed back into your account plus various prizes up for grabs. I was quite excited and registered, after couple of days I received a confirmation email from BlogAdda regarding me getting shortlisted for the campaign.Diwali was just round the corner and such campaigns makes your Diwali more brighter and happier.

 Quikr is one of the largest online classifieds portals based in Mumbai,India.Quikr was launched on 12 July 2008 and is based across India.They created a platform for everyone where they can sell & buy quite effectively.They offer free services where a user can post their ad for selling a product & a buyer can post ad related to their requirement.These services are offered absoulety free and this is one of the biggest reasons for their immense growth.There are various categories where a buyer and seller can use to distinguish their products or requirements.


I was looking something to purchase and gift to my mom on this Diwali so I just logged on Quikr.com to have a look which can help me decide what needs to be purchased, the site loaded instantly without any delay and it was neat and clean where my city was preselected which I loved and was quite excited to see so many categories which contained almost everything you need. I mean ALMOST EVERYTHING !


After logging into Mobiles & Tablets section, I can now browse the page related and ads were shown randomly according to the info,date & the price. There are multiple options available on the page which makes it so smooth for the user. The interface designed is really user friendly and productive which help potential buyers to hit their choice without any hazzels.

The page has the following features :-

  • Brand Name Selection
  • Display ads with and without Images
  • Special bar to view New & Used products
  • Price Range
  • Custom Range
  • Users can sort out ads posted by their duration
  • Operating system
  • Location
  • Who Posted the ad ( Dealer or Individual )
  • Ad Type ( Offering & Wanting)


With so many features loaded into a single page of Mobile & Tablets category, A user can feel so relaxed and explore their requirement with the help of the above listed features.The features are quite supportive. A buyer can just select their preferred brand, set his price range and add their location and the results will display automatically without any delay.This helps the users to explore more and buy the perfect for themselves.

You can Browse by clicking here  –> http://mumbai.quikr.com/Mobile-Phones/w1043?imageAds=Y

Mobiles & Tablets Section

Mobiles & Tablets Section


I was confused as what should I purchase to gift my mom for this Diwali, I had limited capital and was looking for something unique which will help my mom and also be productive for her in day to day use and finally I opted for smartphone for my mom, but the question was which phone should I gift her because I was running short into cash and being a tech junkie I wont compromise on quality and performance. I wanted to gift her smartphone for only for Whatsapp where she can save a lot on her recharges as my mom is a Tupperware dealer and she constantly needs her phone. So I thought that a smartphone can help her by texting to her customers and also sharing the product images via whatsapp which can save her time and money.So I had decided in my mind that I need a smartphone which has a decent screen size and the performance should be great. Finally, after some quick searches with the help of tools provided by Quikr I came across an ad where Asus Zenfone 5 was being offered for 6k and the location was near my place. So I clicked the ad and the image of the product displayed and along with it the information related to the ad was mentioned that it was 6 months old phone and seller needed urgent cash.

Link :- http://mumbai.quikr.com/1001-10000/asus-zenfone-5-mobile-phones/asus-zenfone-5/x1043?l=Price



I immediately dialed the number mentioned on the ad and the person answered me that he has posted his ad on Quikr. I began asking about the condition and the reason for selling his phone and the seller answered all my questions in an appropriate manner. I was convinced that the product was not of any stolen or something weird and decided to meet the very next day as he needed urgent cash.Next day,I withdraw cash from the ATM and headed straight to Kandivali (East) on my bike which was barely 20 min from my place.It was hot sunny afternoon and the weather was too hot. I reached the person’s home where he welcomed me inside and offered me water and asked for some refreshment which I refused.Finally, he displayed the phone to me and he had already kept the box and the accessories along with the invoice on the table. I explored through the phone and found that there are some scars on the back cover and the volume panels have shrinked inwards.I asked him the reason to sell his phone where he replied that the phone is working smoothly just some scars and the panel issue which was minor but he said he needs immediate cash as he is traveling and didn’t revealed anything else. I further explored the phone and the accessories where I found the earphones were not present to which he answered that he lost it somewhere.I also verified the invoice copy and found everything is perfect and finally asked him his offer to sell the phone to which he was not ready to bargain but finally I made a deal to his given price which was quite reasonable and paid him the cash and took the phone along with me.Later, on the day of Diwali I gifted the phone to my mom and she was really happy and my day was made.

Here are some snaps of the phone which I purchased through a great deal :-




My mom started using the phone to click images of her TupperWare Products :-

2014-10-31 00.28.31 2014-10-31 00.29.29


The overall experience was really great and straight forward right from my first visit on Quikr till the time I purchased the product also I want to take this opportunity to thank BlogAdda & Quikr for the campaign and making my Diwali one of the best I had so far.


This post is written as a part of the Campaign #ShopQuikr in association with Quikr & Blogadda