The Special One is Back

Just woke up on monday morning as usual and I was surprise and really felt excited to see my favorite football manager back at Chelsea Football Club as the head coach of the club and also signed a 4 your deal with the club,the news sparked like anything and  I was too happy as we (Chelsea Fans) were tired of new managers per season and none of them were ready to settle and showed decent form, he is regarded as the ” Special One ” and yes indeed he is a special one as the first manager in chelsea history to win the First Premiere League title for the club after nearly decades of waiting.So finally the special one is back and he gave a short interview to Chelsea Tv where he spoke about his love for the club and what changes he would like to make also thanked all the fans to accept him for the second time.

About Mourinho, he signed for Chelsea as a manager in the year 2004 and won 2 premier league,2 league cups,1 FA cup titles in a span of 3 years and then in 2007 he departed from Chelsea Fc after some bitter relationships with the owner Roman Abramovich,then he moved to Inter and his last club was Real Madrid where he earned much respect and as usually some silvewares even , however he is back and the best thing needed at the moment to Chelsea was having him back in charge of the team, so I am especially waiting for him to be back in action as the Barclays Premiere League Kick starts in August.

Watch out his 1st Exclusive Interview for Chelsea Tv.

He gave his first press confernce on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge where more than 200 Journalists across the world had gather to listen him.

Following is the video shared by Youtube.