Weapon of Relaxation & Enjoyment…

Well this time I am writing something which I wish to do everyday if I have time and most important Money & I am talking about drinking..This word seems taboo in our country and dunn know what is the reason behind it but leaving everything back I just want to describe about a drink which I love the most.


Barcardi Breezers they have all the best available flavours which you wish to keep on drinking and still you dont feel drowzy because the alocohol content is quite less compared to others so in breezer, My favourite flavour is Island Pineapple, I can understand that you will say other flavours are better than this but I for me this is the best flavour because you can get a rich Pineapple taste plus it feels so smooth that you can keep on drinking it till you blast, I would say that it is the perfect drink for all occasions and believe me everyone can drink it regardless of his age ( I mean people should be atleast 18). Also, I am a sailor so we go for sailing mostly on sunday and having a drink in a yacht or a sail boat in a middle of a seaand the feeling is Awesome ..No traffic..No crowd..U and your drink..Just try this once guys I am sure you all would love it , the experience is something which cannot be expressed, Well this flavour can be mixed into others and you can also enjoy cocktails for yourself.These drinks are so smooth and enjoyable that we can enjoy them and relaxe at our home or any convenient place and just get mesmerized along with it.

I don’t know whether anybody has done it or not but I have mixed Pineapple Breezer with vodka and whisky, and many have raised questions saying “HAVE U TURNED INSANE ? ”  but I reply them politely stating please let me enjoy my drink at my wish any however I want and they all start laughing. Apart from it, Bacardi have all good flavored breezers but the best is Island Pineapple. With this post I also want to raise a question to the Barcardi that we want to you to please make all flavours available in India because I have seen on many websites that there are certain flavours which are not available in India so a request to you to please ensure that all flavours are available so that we can enjoy all of them.

http://www.breezerindia.com/game.html   http://www.breezerindia.com/