Now Facebook Introduces HashTags & Graph Search

So it seems like Facebook has finally adopted a technology which twitter is known for, the HashTags now with the introduction of  #Tags into Facebook it seems like they have finally got used to it and thought of introducing tags which is one of the reason for connectivity with millions also FaceBook has introduced Graph Search which is currently in it’s Beta version and available to a limited audience but the features of both this things into facebook is just awesome because now we can do all we want also use the tags in both social networks and with the introduction of Graph Search will only boost it’s user performance.

I personally think that facebook has now become more productive with the introduction of new things and search engines , connecting with someone or connecting with millions has now become more easy and user friendly with the help of Graph Search a user can find all the things on facebook more quickly and more accurately.Following is a screenshot of  Graph Search.

fb upload

Now as per the screenshot taken by me we all can see the new features of search engine used by facebook so now as users can use all these things quite more efficiently and more fine search results are going to help the users to find their desired search.Now as twitter has #Tags , facebook too has introduced it into their system so I checked it out and the search result for the #Tag was quite awesome , following is the screenshot for the #tag search.



So now you all can see the results for the #tag and it looks quite awesome and it’s a major boost for companies and brands to promote their stuff and keep it trending in both of the social networks so with this I end  this post over here will update it soon with more features and insider reports.