Asus Zenfone 2

 Asus is about to introduce the world their most  powerful smartphone yet, Asus Zenfone 2 in India. The company recently conducted four Pre-Launch events which are also known as “ZenMeets”. These meets were conducted in four different cities Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata & Bangalore. Asus invited fans & media persons to these event and luckily I was part of the Mumbai ZenMeet. The attendees were given exclusive hands on the new Asus Zenfone 2 also Asus Country Manager, India and Regional Head, South Asia, Mr.Peter Chang introduced all of us to the soon to be launched device.

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Asus is going to launch the all new Zenfone 2 on 23rd of April 2015 and the hype is already built around the Zenfone over the internet. Asus is bringing a device which is going to be an epic one and I am sure that everyone already have their eyes on the device. The question is why to wait for Asus Zen 2 when you can buy Samsung Galaxy S6, this question was discussed in many forums and I have finally came up with an article to help you guys explore more about Asus Zenfone2.


 World’s First SmartPhone with 4GB Ram

This is the biggest news in the market. It’s true that Asus is going to launch the all new Zenfone 2 with a powerful 4 gigabyte ram under the hood while other companies are still on 2 & 3. So when you have 4GB Ram in your phone which makes the hardware so powerful that multitasking would be so easy and without any hindrances. This makes the Asus Zenfone slogan speak for itself, ‘See What Others Can’t See.’

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 Amazing Hardware & Graphics

Asus will be providing consumers with amazing Hardware and graphics components.Zenfone 2 brings you Intel Atom Z3580 Quad-Core 2.3 GHz 64-bit processor and PowerVR G6430 GPU for stunning graphics, along with 4GB ram it just fuels up the performance making Asus Zenfone 2 the best available smartphone in the market.


 PixelMaster Camera

The camera offered by Zenfone 2 comes with 13 mp primary camera which they have termed as “Pixelmaster”. Asus has developed a technology along with software which makes the camera capture amazing shots in High quality no matter if there is broad sunlight or low light surroundings. The camera offers “Depth of Field” and other options which gives the camera a professional feel.


 Zen UI

The UI offered by Zenfone2 is simply amazing and no flawless with the builtup 4GB ram you can easily navigate and fall in love with the UI. The UI is developed in such a professional way that everyone can use it easily and also fall in love with it.


So now as all of you can simply wait for the launch which is on 23rd April and rush your fingers quickly to grab this beauty.

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Now Facebook Introduces HashTags & Graph Search

So it seems like Facebook has finally adopted a technology which twitter is known for, the HashTags now with the introduction of  #Tags into Facebook it seems like they have finally got used to it and thought of introducing tags which is one of the reason for connectivity with millions also FaceBook has introduced Graph Search which is currently in it’s Beta version and available to a limited audience but the features of both this things into facebook is just awesome because now we can do all we want also use the tags in both social networks and with the introduction of Graph Search will only boost it’s user performance.

I personally think that facebook has now become more productive with the introduction of new things and search engines , connecting with someone or connecting with millions has now become more easy and user friendly with the help of Graph Search a user can find all the things on facebook more quickly and more accurately.Following is a screenshot of  Graph Search.

fb upload

Now as per the screenshot taken by me we all can see the new features of search engine used by facebook so now as users can use all these things quite more efficiently and more fine search results are going to help the users to find their desired search.Now as twitter has #Tags , facebook too has introduced it into their system so I checked it out and the search result for the #Tag was quite awesome , following is the screenshot for the #tag search.



So now you all can see the results for the #tag and it looks quite awesome and it’s a major boost for companies and brands to promote their stuff and keep it trending in both of the social networks so with this I end  this post over here will update it soon with more features and insider reports.

PS 4 : Specs

All gamers favourite console and the best best console for gaming has reached it’s FOURTH Generation of Gaming which just gets better and better , with also the launch of XBOX  ccompetition in the gaming world has just began gone more worse and both PS  & XBOX have their followers and lovers but its Sony’s Playstation which is leading in terms of followers and likers,with the new technology XBOX will manage to keep piracy at bay at certain level but in the due course will loose the interest of several gamers who prefer offline gaming and this will be a boon for PS because the specs and features it has offered is the best and will be certainly called as ANTI-XBOX.



The above image is just an illustration and the product and the pricing may vary so make sure before you purchase,this article is intended only for educational purpose and no way is meant to compare or delegate other consoles.


Xbox 1 : Specs

As the New Xbox 1 gets released with all the quries regarding the specs and the price has been solved finally and to my surprise XBOX 1 do amuse in terms of specs but not in terms of features , all Xbox lovers will do love it all but the gamers who prefer offline Gaming will certainly hate it.Xbox has made mandatory that above 24 hrs of no connectivity it will not even allow the gamers to play games offline and in order to ply they need to log on again and then play this is something which is good to control piracy but in terms will affect the gamers and the sales initially.

This is an Illustration of the specs for XBOX 1…Have A look.




Apps Which Every Android Device Must Have

After purchasing my first smartphone with my hard earned salary  I decided to purchase  the latest smartphone also into my budget and I found it in Samsung Galaxy Y with GigerBread 2.3 and from then my journey started into exploring the world of Open Source OS Android , as I was addicted to it and researching and downloading apps was the best thing to explore in your android device so I downloaded some apps which are available for free on Google Play (Android App Market) and with all my researching and R & D work I have listed some most Essential Android apps which every Android device must have so just look at it and see if you missing any fun.

  Essential Android Apps :-

1) AVG Antivirus:- Antivirus is must for your phone and you can get free licensed copy Of AVG Anti-Virus which will protect the device from harmful threats and viruses also with additional features in AVG you can backup your data online and also use theft protection and also child lock to secure your data and use it efficiently.

2) MX Player :- As we all use different types of softwares on pc for video playing and entertainment and in the same way MX player is developed for Android devices, this is the best available app which offers to play almost all formats of videos with all functions plus different decoding options plus the developer also claim that the app is the first to develop multi core working and streaming of videos so I would also recommend do download and use the app for finest video experience.



3) Go Sms Pro :-  This is one app which is a must for every device,  Go Sms Pro  is the most user-welcomed messaging app, not only better than the system SMS’s UI & UE, but also provides theme DIY, GO Chat FREE message, cloud backup, private box, security lock, SMS blocker, and some other useful plug-ins.There are many other options and features like cloud backup , stickers , blocker and many more where every text message become fun and joy and also becomes more productive with the help of smilies.


4) Whatsapp :- This is almost a replica or an alternative of BBM where users with whatsapp can message with their phonebook contacts easily and free of cost, the simple app with user interface helps the user to message and view all their whatsapp contact instantly as soon as the app gets installed , there are features such as group chat and sharing, sharing includes everything such as text,audio,video,file etc. what else we need a super alternative to BBM.



5) Pixlr Express :- Pixlr Express is a fun and free photo editor that lets you quickly crop, re-size, and fix any picture, remove red-eye, and whiten teeth. Then choose from more than 600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image—all for free. From the makers of Pixlr-o-matic, Pixlr Express will make you look like a pro, even if you’ve never edited a photo before, with pixlr express ayou can edit your pics in a matter of seconds which will look like it has been edited professionally and with all the features and attributes it makes it one of the best app to edit your pics right from the phone .



6) Kingsoft Office :- Kingsoft Office is the only mobile Office with full-features FREE. Support for running on Android 2.1 and above system. User-friendly & nice UI interface! Users from over 200 countries and regions around the world are using it. The Average Rating of Kingsoft Office is up to 4.6 stars! Whether in a small cell phone screen or on a large screen the Tablet, Kingsoft Office has a superior performance,including to its features it supports all types of files DOC/DOCX/TXT/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF with that there is wide collection of gestures and read mode is available too.



These are some of the essential apps which I see and would like all to download and try it apart from this if I have missed any of the m then you can remind me.