#SniffSniff:- Ban BodyOdour

The moment BlogAdda came up with the activity I was excited to be part of it and was guessing as what this could be, after waiting for couple of days finally the courier guy came to my place and delivered a parcel. I was in office so my mom informed me about it. Once I reached home I opened the blue package to find a Cloth pin attached on the printed nose of a figure and I was sure it was going to be something related to body odour .


I posted on Social Media platforms and received various answers from my friends and followers. The guessing game was on and we all were waiting for the next parcel to arrive and give us another clue regarding the product.

The next parcel arrived 2 days later and it contained a small sack which had coffee beans in it. The aroma of coffee beans were so mesmerizing and I really loved the way it was packed in the parcel. By finding coffee beans I was now more confident that the end product would be related to body odour and something like deodorizer and perfumes came into my mind.


Now, we were pretty much confident that that the product is related to body odour and the next parcel just gave our confidence a boost. I found a mask in the 3rd parcel which I received and now it was pretty sure that the mask is given to protect us from body odour. The mask looked funny but it was essential afterol.




The very next day we went to the SniffSniff meet where the product was launched by Mr.Arjun Rampal and we came to know that the product was Nivea Men’s Deodorizer. The Launch was super fun and quite interactive.


For detailed report on the meet :- CLICK


After 2 days I received the 4th parcel which had the final product “Nivea Men’s Deodorizer”. The package was neat and tidy and the fragrance was nice and soothing.


Overall, the activity was fun and interesting as both ourselves and our friends were kept in a puzzle until the product was launched. The activity helped me realize the importance of body odour and how it affects and the ways to get rid of it. Thanks BlogAdda & Nivea for their initiative !!


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