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We all love our opposite gender and get attracted towards them which is natural and non-harmful,from school kids to senior citizens all of them have their crushes. I am really a shy type of person while approaching or interacting with girls but when the time is up you need to act and put your fears behind. If I had to propose my crush on Valentine’s Day then I would have planned & researched lot of things to make it perfect.

1) Casual Texts

I will send her some casual texts asking her about her plans and after knowing her response ( Whatever it maybe), I would ask her to meet and hang out nearby and eat something.

2) Bike Ride

Once she is out with me I would ensure my bike is properly cleaned and the tank is full (Avoiding any Embarrassment) and I would definitely take her to a long ride and no girl would refuse to enjoy a ride on a bike.  A long drive with many speed breakers and traffic would ensure that she would remain close to me ( Indirectly) and even I will be able to execute my plans and change my plans (If needed). Bike ride is one of the best way where a girl wouldn’t mind to join me and will also help us to spent some quality time.

3) Beach

I love water and beaches in Mumbai are a boon for all our Mumbaikars. I will take her to Aksa beach which remains deserted most of the time where we can park the bike and sit in a corner in peace. Once spending couple of minutes on beach I will hold her hand and ask her to walk with me without our footwear. I love walking on sand and the feel you get to walk on a sea shore with bare legs is Amazing !! I would not let her hand go till the time we are seated again in our place. Juice and snacks will follow , I will dare to have coconut water with her from a single coconut and that too using a single straw. This will definitely indicate her about my feelings and would boost a bit of confidence in me to carry on with my plan.

4) Sunset

I will make her sit on sand with me while keeping my hand over her shoulders and describing the beauty of viewing sun settling down and would ask her to just relax and enjoy the beautiful moment.

5) Cafe

There is beautiful cafe situated around Aksa Beach where I take her to our reserved table with a view of the beach from the window and the cold breeze hitting our face. I would order a bottle of Heinlein each ( As we both love beer ). Once the bottle is half complete I will hold her hands and would express my felling towards her. In short – I will propose her ! & I predict her answer would be “YES

This is my plan to propose my crush on this Valentine’s Day and hopefully she agrees with me.

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This post is written for Cupid Games 2015 which is an initiative by Closeup and in association with Indiblogger




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