Review :- Gardern Torches

 Deco Window

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Garden Torches


Quirkiness equals personality and that is what I am. I have a real passion to decorate my home and areas around it. Besides just beautifying my home, I ensure to see that the patio; the garden and other areas look warm and welcoming. The cold wave has hit the city and it is getting a bit nippy these days and I had planned to throw a barbeque party for my family and friends on New Year’s Eve. I decided to usher in the New Year with assertiveness and optimism.

Lovely cool breeze gives you such a relaxed feeling. An open air party was what I had planned on my mind. The garden was set with hues of beautiful flowers, huge trees and I have also added a little tent so that the kids could have fun.

To make the entire place look warm and adventurous I pepped it up with these fantastic“Garden torches”.

These torches are medium sized about 44″ or 60”. It is made of iron which will last longer and be easy to maintain. These garden torches have fuel which is ready to use and can be bought online from

These torches can instantly beautify any place as they are light weight and not bulky or heavy like the usual “mashaals” it can be carted easily. They have a very sleek and captivating look. The oil holder where the oil is placed has an excellent storage capacity so the torch can be lit for a long period of 4 to 5 hours. The long fiber wick is easy to light and stay longer up and light well.

The parts of the torch are easy to compile and hassle free to maintain as it is powder coated and will keep them weather proof and make them last longer.

Clear instructions were given on the box which makes it easy for me to use and maintain it. Here is just a jist of it to keep in mind:

1) These torches are meant to be used outdoors only, away from combustible substances.

2) Keep away from children and pets in a safe place.

3) Use only non-combustible oil such as Citronella. Do not use combustible oils such as kerosene.

4) Remember to fill oil only till the level indicated.

5) Do not put any water on the wick.

6) Put out with a snuffer only.

After you are done with it, ensure you have wiped it dry and I recommend you place it in the box.


I prepared some delectable and mouth watering cuisine, soothing and calming music which made the entire evening memorable and relaxing. The place looked like an enchanted garden but I enjoyed gazing at the moon and the beautiful stars. Thanks to the torches I must say! I placed the 4 garden torches at spots where it would be safe, to avoid unexpected hazard and accidents.

When you are stuck and don’t know what to gift a friend, think about this garden torches which can be an amazing gifting idea for someone who loves a natural look for their home. These garden torches can be used also on festivities to make the place more festive and unique.

You can buy online these torches from at a reasonable price: Rs: 1,999


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