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In our society there are certain things which are considered as taboo. Our culture and traditions restrict us from expressing or discussing over some topics. The most common topic is sex. This topic is known as explicit, vulgar, dirty and many more names are tagged to it.Indians have reached till Mars but some things haven’t changed yet.We all get to know about sex at a young age which is around 12-14 but we never discuss it with our family or seniors. The topic is considered as a top secret and we are afraid to even read articles related to it in the presence of our parents.  School teachers also feel ashamed about it and they skip an entire chapter on Reproduction from science. I am unable to understand “What is wrong with the topic ?”. Boys and girls start to develop hormones and everyone has a desire of their own.

I will say a big “YES” to Pre-Maritial sex because for me it’s as common as driving a vehicle before turning 18. The concept of sex is misrepresented and the society has given a bad name to it. Any individual who is an adult has a right to fulfill his/her desires with their partners after mutually agreeing to it. Society has initiated that Marriage is a license to sex which is completely wrong.I feel that an adult has a right to have sex before their marriage. A relationship is known to strengthen itself after getting physical with each other. It’s not explicit or vulgar to be frank but it’s a journey or an moment where a person can relive their physical needs of their body and enjoy it along with it, having sex before marriage is not a crime and it should be accepted by both men & women. The society needs to understand the fact that restricting such things is not a solution.A person should understand that if his/her partner had sex before their marriage then it’s not a crime and they both should understand the issue by discussing and understanding each other.

In today’s world according to a survey it was assumed that around 97% of adults under the age of 30 feels that Pre-Maritial sex is not a crime and this is really supportive. People should understand that an individual can enjoy his/her physical desires and marriage is not important to achieve it. Similarly, the society should discuss such issues with their kids and not make sex a taboo. If a couple wants to enjoy themselves then they have all the rights to do so and tagging them as a sin under God values or anything else is completely insane. I hate people who say “Sex before marriage is a sin”,things related to trust,relationship or pregnancy is all together a different topic but I will always stand for freedom and expression to which I will conclude with saying that Pre-Maritial sex is not a taboo and I support it.

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