Overcome your Fear !

Everyone has ups and downs in their life and we encounter it everyday, life is so unpredictable which we cannot even predict of things happening in the next moment to come. We can expect things but we cannot assure them. Well in our lives we need to achieve many things and for them we need to work hard and make our-self ready. Life makes you face many tough situations but finally it’s upon us how we tackle and overcome our difficulties.

There were many tough situations which I faced since childhood, but this one incident changed many things for me. Well, I was in 9th standard and I used to go to Sea Cadet Corps every Sunday at T.S Jawahar,Colaba for training. We used to do many activities such as parade,rifle shooting,sailing and we were taught many naval and nautical terms. On one particular Sunday we were told that there would be a sailing competition next week among you all and the winner would be promoted and will be awarded with many prizes but the last 3 persons (sailors) in the race will be demoted and have to undergo training with the juniors for a period of 3 months. So this competition looked exciting to all of us but we were concerned too. The participants were given special access to the facilities for an entire week to practice and be ready for the competition. Due to unavoidable circumstances I could not go for practice for an entire week and was really scared to enter the competition due to lack of practice. I had an option where I could skip the competition stating health issues but I wanted to win to it and so I took the risk and entered in the competition.The day arrived and I made myself ready but I was trembling due to neverness and was thinking “If I loose and come in the bottom 3 then I would be demoted and…” Those thoughts made my heart pumping faster and I went into the canteen to drink water. While drinking water one of my seniors saw me trembling and asked me for the reason, to which I replied him revealing my fear. He just laughed out and said me “You are a senior sailor,so just keep your head up and go for the glory”. I was bit relived but entered into the competition with my fear. I was on halfway when I realized that I need to push myself up to compete with the others and thoughts of loosing my pride of being a senior sailor was on stake. I just pushed myself really hard and made all efforts to win the race where I accidentally injured my leg and the pain was unbearable . Going further the knot on the main sail became loose and made it difficult for me to control the boat but I didn’t thought anything else and my only aim was to reach the finishing line so I was holding myself with all my energy left and reached the finishing line. I just laid flat once I reached there and after a few moments I got up to see my rank and was really happy to see me finishing 4th and that means I won’t be demoted…YES !!… I did it, though I didn’t won that day but I risked my pride and raised myself above my fear and that meant everything to me.The fear of demotion had gone away but I learned a lesson in my life that don’t let your fear overpower you but go out risk yourself and destroy your fear.

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