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Well I love traveling and we always look to explore new destinations. While everything has became digital in this world and technology is the future of for everything. So when we plan our travel and trips we usually search the websites and contact details of a particular hotel or lodge and end up getting tired to find a suitable and affordable place.

Airbnb is a trusted market place for people, where we can list,explore and book our choice accommodation across the globe.Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190+ countries. They are offering features where we can connect to the host and book for our desired dates.

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We can also save our wishlist of the places and destination we explore on the website and can be viewed later and upon that we can also share our wish list. I have made my wishlist of the destinations which I would love to travel and explore.

My WishList :-


1)  Ladakh ( J&K) :-

Well I consider this place has the heaven on the earth and would love to visit this place. The landscape is so beautifual where a person can feel completely free and all your mental cores will be activated.The mountains and the wild flowers are a treat to your eyes.

2) Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh) :-

A place which is still not exploited and the Kangra valley is surrounded by dense forest. The village of McLeodGanj, lying in the upper reaches, is known worldwide for the presence of the Dalai Lama and this place is the also the central centre for Tibetans. The Buddhist temples are a place to visit and we can mediate and relax our veins.

3) Pynursla, Meghalaya :-

Meghalaya is a state situated at north east of India. The state is exlusive in terms of everything being from culture to food and entertainment. I have never visited North east so this place would be on my radar.The place Pynursla is a quiet and remote place which is far from urban crowd. Spending couple of days trekking, cycling and exploring would be great.

4) Goa

This is a destination which I am planing from a long time.Goa is a beautiful for it’s beaches and churches.The night life is excellent and people over there are always filled with enthusiasm.I would like to visit the place to explore the culture and tradition of those people and also to enjoy beaches and unique night life.

5) Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur is considered as the Pink city of India. The place is known for it’s palaces which attracts a majority of the tourists. I want to visit Jaipur in the month of March to experience a local festival and fair where we can witness all the different traditions of Rajasthan under one roof.The classical dance,music and the food attracts me to visit Jaipur.

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This article is written for Airbnb contest in association with IndiBlogger.



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