Book Review :- God is A Gamer

I need to thank BlogAdda for bringing an initiative where bloggers can read and review a book. This is my second book from BlogAdda followed by Private India. As soon as they came up with the book review program for “God is A Gamer”  I searched the details into in an found it to be an Bit-Coin Thriller. Well this is a new concept for me as I last read about bitcoins through a torrent website and other resources on the web. I signed up for the campaign and waited for it desperately to lay my hands on it.

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Finally I received my copy which was signed by the author himself Mr.Ravi Subramanian, well I eas quite excited to start reading and explore into the bitcoin thriller. First I will give a brief explanation about the author so that you can get a idea about him and then we shall continue with the review.

About the Author :-

Ravi Subramanian is an Indian Author and banker by profession he is an An alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore from the batch of 1993 also he has worked in financial service industry for two decades and now he is CEO of a listed company called as NBFC. He is known for his creative writing and has writes in the thriller genre which is fascinating for the readers, he has received couple of awards for his books and is India’s well known author.

Check out the list of his books below :-

  • 2007If God Was a Banker
  • 2008I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari
  • 2010Devil in Pinstripes
  • 2011The Incredible Banker
  • 2012The Bankster
  • 2013Bankerupt
  • 2014God is a Gamer

Plot :-

The story revolves around Bitcoins as the theme of the story and the story has many threads which are inter connected. U.S president’s close aid has been killed – various groups in Goa – Master Card – KeyLoggers – Phishing Attack – Father and Son meets after ages – Criminals from various nations spreading their Terror. These all threads are well interconnected to each other  and a wonderful riddle is soved. The story features a thriller and delivers it.

My Review :-

At the starting of the book the story took of nicely describing about the MasterCard and phishing attacks and the chapters ahead are beautifully divided and well constructed. This book made me ignore my studies and games for 3 days and I was hooked onto it till I reach at the end of the book.The story describes various technological terms such as phishing and keyloggers which are unknown to the many,Being a Computer Forensics Student and a Digital Evidence Analyst this book is perfect for me. The story and use of various technical terms made it interesting for me and One would read it as quickly he can to find out what’s next in the store.The story holds a grip on the readers and every chapter is unique and interesting .The book stands by its’s word thriller and delivers it to perfection. People of love thriller and love reading thriller stories should opt for this book and I am sure you won’t get disappointed. So I recommend you all to buy the book to know more and experience the a thriller ride which you all will enjoy to core.

Title: God is a Gamer
Author: Ravi Subramanian

Publishers: Penguin
ISBN: 978-0-143-42139-9
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 310
MRP:  Rs 189

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