#AbMontuBolega :- Clean India

India is a country where we have different religions,castes and races, We all celebrate various festivals and enjoy various dishes. Our countrymen have reached to incredible heights in various fields and we feel proud to be an Indian. On global platform our country share the same honors as other european countries but we all have missed an important factor that needs to be sorted out.

When the world cleanliness arrives we look at our home or workplace but do we look at our country ? The general answer is no. We all blame the authorities and the government for lack in cleaning the roads and picking up garbage but we throw litter everywhere. The honorable Prime Minister Of India Mr. Narendra Modi started a campaign called “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” on 2nd december 2014. We all appreciated the campaign and spread our word on it across social media but did we implement what Mr.Modi said ?

Our Prime Minister has urged all the citizens of India to come forward and participate in the initiative of “Clean India” and now it’s our duty to perform and complete the task. Indian people don’t bother about cleanliness and barely think about it which needs to be changed.

  • All the citizens should join the “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” and be an active member and contribute to the initiative.
  • School children should be taught about cleanliness and it’s importance which will help them learn about it and know it’s importance
  • Still people live in unhygienic conditions due to poverty and other reasons but if we all step up to take this initiative seriously we can end this issues
  • We should not litter in public and should always use a dustbin for throwing garbage
  • If we find anybody littering or throwing garbage on the streets we should go upto him and advise him to throw the garbage in the dustbin and explain him the importance of Cleanliness
  • The authorities should plan better for waste management and should take adequate actions to dispose the garbage and waste without polluting the enviornment
  • Eco Friendly products should be brought into the market for the consumers and Industries should start products which can be recycled and reusable
  • The government can save coals and produce electricity by disposing the garbage. The technology should be imported which will produce ample of electricity to serve the nation without wasting any natural resources
  • Cleanliness Awareness and drives should be carried out every week to educate the people
  • Fines should be imposed for littering the places and there should also be an imprisonment for the same to curb the problem

Now it is upto us who we need to move ahead with the initiative of Clean India and make India completely clean and beautiful.

Strepsils, have started a new campaign called as #AbMontuBolega.The campaign urges people to speak up and share their thoughts where they want to connect with the youth of the country to come forward and speak up. Their puch line states “Bin Bole Ab Nai Chalega” which means that we should not remain quite and just criticize the wrongful acts but we need to step up and express our views freely and independently.

Find out more of  the campaign :-  #AbMontuBolega

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This post has been written as a part of Indi-Happy hours  on Indiblogger in association with Strepsils


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