Sweet Childhood Memories

Past is always remembered and we all remember the joy of being a kid and the days we used to spend. My childhood was luckily saved as technology and internet were not in their prime form. I always grab a chance to play with a kid and it gives me pleasure. Remembering the days of the past and especially the moments from our childhood are priceless. I want to thank BlogAdda & T-Series for giving us an opportunity to look backwards and remember our golden days.

When I was a kid and at school we were taught many ryhmes and moral stories which always used to fascinate me, we all have learned many rhymes and stories which we still sing as soon as we hear it. T-series have introduced a series called “Kids Hut” which have rhymes and stories for kids and the audio visual makes it interactive and interesting for them.I have a couple of rhymes which is close to my heart and hold memories along with it.


1) ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’

This rhyme is the most common among all the kids and everyone who grew up remembers this rhyme along with your parents. When I learned this rhyme i used to sing it as soon as I returned home from school. Once while playing with my cousin we started singing this rhyme and I don’t remember how were my expressions but my parents and other family members said you both were looking really cute and you face was a joy to watch, unfortunately mobile cams were not available so I am unable to recollect much.

2 ) London Bridge Is Falling Down

I love this rhyme and it’s my favourite and its really special to me. There was a fun activity in my school were all kids were divided into groups and were asked to sing a rhyme together dressed in the same clothes. We sang this rhyme and performed some steps as our teachers taught us and after the activity we were judged as the best and in reward we got an ice-cream cup which I still remember. I reached home in the evening and I showed my mom the ice-cream cup which I won and my mom hugged me and kissed me on my cheek which I still remember and those moments are priceless.

Relive those Golden Moments by clicking here  :- CLICK

I would like to thank BlogAdda & T-series to come up with a contest which helps us remember our childhood and the golden moments.

This post is a part of Kids Hut activity at BlogAdda.com


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