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Wickedleak Smartphone buyers to get first-of-its-kind repairing services at doorstep


Company profile

Wickedleak was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Aditya Mehta, who believes that high-quality technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

At Wickedleak, we’ve brought together smart people from across India to bring that vision to life. We create remarkable hardware, software, and Internet services for – and with the help of – our Wickedleak Fans (user Feedback). We incorporate their feedback into our product range, which currently includes Wammy Note 3, Wammy Neo, Wammy Titan 3 Octa and Wammy Desire Tab 3 and other accessories. We sell direct to customers to keep our prices competitive. The saved resources can be put into making better quality phones.

Company operates on a Unique business Model Selling Devices Directly to consumers through its online portal with any retailers or Distributors which brings down the cost.

Wickedleak is built on three building blocks:1 ) E-commerce 2)The openness of the Android platform 3) Wickedleak’s fans

In 2013 After feedback from customers and conclusion that 47% phones are damaged due to exposure to water and other liquids. The company developed and Launched Aqua Protect Technology which makes all its models water resistant at a very afforbable cost

In Just 3 Years Since Start up operation in India the Company is valued at over 200 Crores by current investors (Complete Indian Ownership).





MUMBAI, October 28,2014: Mobile phone company Wickedleak Inc has entered into key agreements with logistic firms Gojavas (Arm of Jabonng) and DTDC to provide door-to-door delivery and repairing service for its Wickedleak wammy smartphones customers.The customers will receive their serviced phone within 24 hrs-48 hrs from Wickedleak.

“We are working on the experience side of Wickedleak customers. Besides product quality, we will provide services to customer at their doorstep in 2400+ Locations which 103 Cities Spread across India.

“They will not have to go to service centre for getting their phone repaired. This is first of its kind service by any handset company is providing in India,” Wickedleak founder and Director Aditya Mehta.

He said the company is in process of expanding its portfolio of Wickedleak Wammy smartphones to eight new models in the price range of Rs 10,000-25,000 in the coming year.

The company has earmarked investment of around Rs 5 crore to upgrade after sales service during first half of 2014, he added.

“We have recently entered into strategic agreements with Gojavas and DTDC to provide reverse and forward logistic to Wickedleak customers. This kind of value added services is to boost trust among our customers. We are in talks with two leading ITes companies of the country to provide technical support over phone as around 80 to 85 per cent problem can be resolved,” Mehta said.

Wickedleak’s Business head Mohit Kala said the company is going to expand its core engineering centres from one to four this month and aims to have such facilities in all states by Mid 2015.

“Our new core engineering centres will be operational by January 15. In second half of this year, we will look at setting at least one such centres in every state. This will increase the pace of our service,” Mohit Kala said.

He said the company is also working to set up collection centres which will accept handsets of customers who do not reside in the 2400+ Locations and 103 cities where WICKEDLEAK smartphones will be sold. “The collection centre will be operational in next two months,” Mohit Kala said




About WickedLeak:

Founded in 2009 by MBA graduates, WickedLeak launched as an emerging telecommunication corporation for India. Within two years and a highly motivated workforce, purely through word of mouth of their amazing products and services, WickedLeak cracked the Top 200 Indian sites and was credited for being one of India’s largest online electronics store. A customer oriented company and dedicated to provide the best, Wickedleak is devoted to deliver its esteemed customers with all its focus. It believes in building mutual trust and maintaining top quality, while offering an array of innovative products. The company’s key mantra to success is consistent performance.

For more information log on to http://www.wickedleak.org

PS. The above content/article is a press release which is provided by WickedLeak. WickedLeak hold the rights for the content and the images.

Please contact for more information:

Sayantani Ganguly,

Public Relation Consultant



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