Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

We all love our children and  a healthy child brings a smile and pleasure to us.Health is the most important factor for a child to grow and nourish so everyone needs to keep that in mind and involve with the child, as per the current environment scenario one should be very cautious with the child’s health as the pollution level is quite high and not only the air but the food and the water too is contaminated to an extend which can harm a child.

When I was a kid around 3 years old, I was very weak  though  doctors stated that I would have multiple health issues and the growth of my body would be hampered.So My mom used to take care of me with all her efforts and she used to feed me only home made and natural foods which kept me away from contracting any serious illness and over a course of time I grew up normally and my parents are really happy and I am thankful to my mom because she did everything which it takes for me to grow normally. Children are very sensitive and their immune power is quite low compared to adults so they are prone to get infected with the diseases and the spread of virus and bacteria can attract them causing serious trouble to their health, so parents and everybody around the child needs to keep in mind that you teach them good habits like washing hands before eating,brushing and bathing twice a day.We also needs to restrict a child from eating junk food and should avoid the roadside food as much as possible, because we never know how the food is prepared and the quality of the ingredients used to prepare the dish. Healthy habits are key for a healthy child and we should implement in them and make those habits vital part of their routine.A child should be given only home made food and ample of fruits and milk also ayurvedic herbs can also help them as they are natural and also feed them a spoon of Chyawanprash to them regularly. Chyawanprash is made from ayurvedic herbs and is very reliable, it helps the immune system to strengthen and fight against infections and diseases.It also  strengthens the body’s defence mechanism in our cells to fight against various infection and diseases.

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My childhood reminds me that I was given a strict diet and my routine was fixed even though I was refrained from eating outside food and junk, my mom used to make special desserts at home so that I will feel happy and she did all to make sure that nothing interrupts my body growth,yes over a course of time a child would demand things which are not healthy to consume and we can’t just restrict them but we need to stay calm and make explain them about the disadvantages in consuming it. If a child is happy and healthy automatically the environment of the home will be happy and the family members would be in a joy mood, because everyone loves their children and parents have so many hopes and expectations from their children and watching their child being healthy is every parents aim and objective.The child is considered as the most precious asset for the family and there is no bound of happiness and joy in the house where a healthy child is developing and growing.A healthy child can not only bring happiness to their parents or  his loved ones but also brings a positive vibe in the house. Today a child is considered as the future of the nation so the health plays an important role in it’s growth and development. Healthy kids are less prone to any diseases and infections which helps them grow and develop their brain and body.A child can grow up an become a future sportsman,entrepreneur or a leader.The future relies in the hands of the present and the present can only be successful with health and a healthy child.So as every home is incomplete without a child and a healthy child can make a home to a happy home.There are no luxury or money which can buy a child’s health except healthy habits which includes everything so step forward and learn those habits so that you can implement in your child to make it healthy and happy not only for your family but also for the future of the nation.


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