Diwali :- The Biggest Festival For Me !

Writing about festivals and India has lot of festivals, Diwali is my favorite festival above all others. Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival and is also known as the festival of lights.The festival describes the victory of light against darkness also a win for good against evil. This is also one of the most famous festival of India and is celebrated widely across the country.The festival spreads joy and happiness among the people.

The festival of Diwali is very significant to the Hindus and is celebrated for  5 days where each and every day has it’s importance. The first day is known as Dhanteras, second day is called Kali Chavdas ( In Gujarati ), the third day is Diwali followed by the fourth day which is known as Bestu Varas (New Year for Gujaratis) and the fifth day is called Bhai Bheej. Each and every day has it’s significant and importance. People start cleaning their home well before the Diwali which is a ritual to remove all the negativity outside your home. Also on the occasion of the festive season people buy new clothes and on the day of Dhanteras (The first day of Diwali) people buy and gift gold ornaments. As the festive season approaches you will find delicacies all around the place and different desserts and dishes are prepared specially for the festival. At my home my mom prepares Gugras in dessert and fafaras and many other items for which I wait almost a year, also people decorate their homes with lights and lanterns ( Kandils ). Diyas and Rangolis are drawn to enhance the decoration and you will find lights and decorations everywhere. Children’s light firecrackers and the festival is of joy,happiness and love.

 Pic courtesy :- www.l3ba.co

Pic courtesy :- http://www.l3ba.co


The festival of Diwali is really important for me and celebrating Diwali with my family is a joy for me because this is the festival where we come together with our loved ones and spread happiness and love among each other.I was out on a camp once during Diwali and I know how much I missed my family, so I always look forward to celebrate the festival with my family where not only elders but me and my cousins come together and go out on shopping, clean our houses and also eat those special Diwali dishes together and spend the five days with lot of fun and excitement. Since we learned the importance of green environment we have stop using firecrackers and also advise other to avoid them.Celebrating Diwali at home with your family is the ultimate pleasure I can get where all my cousins, elders, family members and friends come together and celebrate and it increases our relationships and bonding with each other so it is very special for me to celebrate Diwali with my family.


Pic Courtesy:- festival-images.designdecor.in


Last year my BIRTHDAY was on the day of Diwali and I was really excited and was looking forward to it,I went to deraser (temple) in the morning for Pooja  afterwards I touched the feet of my parents and grand mom for their blessings while my phone was continuously buzzing for all those HBD messages and calls over whatsapp and all the social networking sites.I was really happy and as per my tradition I visit my close relatives on my birthday for their blessings.In the afternoon I met some of my friends who bought a cake for me and we celebrated, evening time was really delightful as all my cousins arrived at my place for my birthday & Diwali celebrations. It was really great for me because I was celebrating my birthday after 17 years, I remember the last time I celebrated my birthday I was 3 years old and now after 17 years…Ahh !! A few friends also arrived to my place for the celebration and we cut a cake,danced on some beats and had dinner.Later in the night I went on joy riding with my friends on Highway and we enjoyed till midnight. It was really a very special day for me as I received a customized watch from someone who is very special to me. I won’t forget that day because it was not only my birthday but Diwali was also on the very same day so it means a lot to me.

Pic Courtesy:-  en.wikipedia.org

Pic Courtesy:- en.wikipedia.org

This year me and my friends are going to celebrate Diwali in a different manner, from the last couple of years we have seen that there are many poor kids on the road who are unable to celebrate the festival and wear those rugged clothes.So we are planning to gift them some new clothes from our side and also give them Food and delicacies so they can also enjoy like all others do.It is really pity to watch them staring at people on the road or outside a restaurant or a housing society who are celebrating. So we decided that this year we will share and spread some happiness by gifting those kids.

Pic Courtesy :- 123greetings.com

Pic Courtesy :- 123greetings.com


This post is a part of Indiblogger Diwali – A Time for Family ! initiative.

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