Circle of Deceit :- Chapter XXIII – Technology, A boon or curse ?

“Kalakaar Colony”


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Cyrus was in trouble, he knew he needs to escape and run away, his mind was thinking where should he go to remain safe and which place would be best for him to hide. Finally he made up his decision to run away to Delhi his hometown and make it as his safe house. Cyrus made an immediate decision and he booked a second class train ticket so that he can keep himself unnoticed.
Ahuja had overheard Jennifer talking about Cyrus to Shekhar and he himself had started his investigations in order to trace Cyrus. Ahuja was not only a private detective but he was also a Certified Cyber Crime Forensics Investigator and also being a hacker since his college days, he was so tech savvy and well experienced that he was confident in locating Cyrus.  He sent an encrypted email to Cyrus with a secret message which contained information related to the meeting. Ahuja was so smart he used cryptography to hide his message and upon that the email was encrypted and had been sent through private server domains and not public domains. The message had all the information related to their meeting date, time and place, but knowing that Cyrus could play games with him too so he wanted to draft his every move with perfection.

Ahuja knew that Cyrus was a cunning wolf so laid his trap with absolute perfection for Cyrus to get trapped into it. Ahuja was well aware that Cyrus used to use a private domain for his emails and he also knew how to trace it’s remote location so he created a few fake web pages featuring latest crime related ebooks and various stories of crime around the world which he knew would drag Cyrus attention also the email he sent to Cyrus was not only encrypted but used a backdoor script which works to reveal the host ip of the user. The backdoor script is generally unnoticed by most of the people so that it works silently and creates a run command which works similar to “tracert” where all the pings are revealed from host ip to remote server. Ahuja also made an attempt to use a remote locator so he began to include an app which is present inside the pdf file, so that whenever he transfers the pdf files to his mobile the app would travel to his root system and gets automatically installed and will silently run and provide his location in a log file to an automated email every 1 hour. So now Ahuja had those webpages ready and he had already targeted Cyrus with that email, so tracing Cyrus was quite easy. So Ahuja sent one more email to Cyrus using a fake publisher account which stated free ebook downloads.
A few hours later he got a confirmation email which was sent by his automated app which triggered that Cyrus had downloaded one of his infected ebooks and now his trap was on target and now he has 2 different methods to locate Cyrus.So now the hunt begins for Ahuja to locate and trace Cyrus.

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