Circle of Deceit :- Chapter XVI – Drive to the Hospital !

           “Kalakaar Colony”


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What did Jennifer tell Shekhar? Was she able to find the man behind the mask? Was it Cyrus or ……someone else?


Shekhar was driving with a lot of intensity and speed. Just then, he got a call from Jennifer and she asked whether he is free. She was about to say something but Shekhar interrupted her, “I am on my way to the hospital and currently I am driving so let me reach there and we can talk,” and disconnected her call and threw his phone on the desk board. Traffic was as usual and Shekhar was in deep thoughts and was driving steadily but his mind was running in various directions. On reaching a signal he opened his window and started smoking and reminiscing about his past about what all he went through over the years.



Mr. Gupta, his father in law, was his main concern because over the years he had humiliated him and never considered Shekhar as his son in law. The thoughts made sure his temper kept rising, which forced him to smoke more. Shekhar was cursing his incapacity to earn but consecutively he was abusing his father in law for treating him like a dog. Previously Mr. Gupta had claimed that Shekhar is just good for nothing and his daughter had made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying him. Obviously, he has always disagreed with it and considers it as an old-fashioned, unfair way of predicting his future, which, according to him, can still turn out to be bright.

Shekhar completed his smoke and was driving with one hand on the steering and the other adjusting his seat. His thoughts now drifted over Tara and thought that as a wife she should have explained to her father and supported him rather than just remaining silent. Although Tara never said it in front of her father, Shekhar thought maybe she regretted her decision of marry him. Lanes went through and Shekhar was driving at a massive speed as if test driving a Formula1 car.

The sudden buzzing of the phone startled Shekhar and instantly brought him out of his mental stupor. He checked the phone and it was Jennifer again. She told Shekhar that she needs to speak something important but he once again interrupted her and said, “I am about to reach the hospital so please be patient and allow me to drive in peace.” He disconnected and took a sharp turn furiously thinking that Tara should behave like an adult and give him some moral support as they both are worried about their daughter. He also believed they should remain together during such testing times. This was his last thought as he reached the hospital.

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