Device Play

Well Indiblogger always do come up with something interesting every time and they surprise you every now and then, well this time Indiblogger came up with a unique contest similar to the Reliance campaign which they organized a year back. Univercell Sync and Indiblogger came up with a campaign to make bloggers play with some new and exciting devices and also meet and greet other bloggers from your city at the store to discuss and explore technology at it’s very best. Well I am from Mumbai so selected the store near Regal Cinema, Causeway road in Colaba. I took half day leave from my  office and also decided to bunk my evening lectures in order to attend this campaign. I started my journey from Borivali in the scorching sun and reached the store by 2pm, and guess what my fellow bloggers were already present and they all greeted with handshakes and formal talks. IndiMail had mentioned to bring printout of the invite but it was not needed at the store and the executives were ready to help me in exploring some new devices and accessories. I came to know that the store is situated in a heritage affiliated  building so usually by law you cannot make alteration to the structure but the way the store was designed was fabulous and pretty clean work, the color was smooth blue with white tint so its attractive and easy view for your eyes.

The way they had arranged the devices was in rhythm and easy to explore with the tags alongside which carried information related to price and features.


The store had unique taglines and punches around the store which caught my eye so the following pic will make you understand more

The devices present were ready to use and where you can have your hands on the device before purchasing them, as people say “Use it before Buying it” which is very helpful for the buyers to have a glance on the object before they purchase it. The support staff at the store were very co-operative and helped us go through all our queries and answered them in a professional manner which is hard to find at any store or even malls. The way they had added the gallery was pretty simple and creative plus a buyer can also use the headphones which are on display before purchasing it and this feature is very hard to find generally at many stores. Below are some of the pics which turn words into reality.



Now time for the some quick tips which will help potential buyers to look out for :-

  •  The store is at a walkable distance from Churchgate station, around 10 minutes so no hassle of tiring

  • Easy to locate as it is situated next to the famous Regal Cinemas

  • Wide range of products,devices & accessories to explore in hand

  • The support staff is very co-operative and will guide you throughout your visit

  • The store offers some amazing prices and offers which will allow you to save

  • The store only offers genuine products so you can avoid a possible scam or end up buying copy products.


Now with all these key points I am sure you will make your next device purchase from Univercell Sync also while leaving the store we all were given some refreshments from Cafe Coffee Day and the visit was a nice one and quite enjoyable.Three cheers to Team Indi & Univercell Sync.




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