Black is the New Beauty

Well every colour speaks for itself and so does it also derive a meaning. Well my favourite colour maybe blue but black is a colour which fascinates me, generally black colour is known for taboo or something which is not acceptable or used for protection and all spiritual rituals, but the truth is everyone loves the colour black right from shoes to gadgets to luxury.The mystery which revolves around the colour black and the beauty of it.I have listed some of the things which I love in black and I wish I could own it.

1) Curve Led Tv


I am a Tech addict and this is something which I want to own and set it up in my room with connected internet and home theater system to relish my movie and music plus other interests and also It would be great if I own a PS4 along with it.

2) Car


Shelby Mustang:- This is the car which I want to own and have a craze behind it , it’s a muscle car not that famous these days but I just love this one especially this one figured above from 1968 model.I just love it.

3) Smart- cell


The Asus Zenfone 5 is really worth my budget and the features are amazing in a affordable price so owning this one with charcoal cover is worth and also looks sexy and slim while showcasing or handling it.

4) Blazer


I love Blazer and wearing the black one would make me look good atleast a girl can be impressed and somewhere gives me a chance to look sharp and get mingle.


5)  Harley-Davidson Bike



When it come to biking nobody can beat this motorcycle and it’s made for the class, we don’t often see these motorcycles on our roads but it is the best one to ride and feel the honor driving it.



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