When Food meets beauty !

  I still remember an event from last year, it was before Diwali and my mom had went to relative’s place for couple of days and I was at home in a hope of enjoying the freedom and had made many plans to enjoy it with friends so I was desperate awaiting for my mom to start her journey and I would attain my freedom but on the other end I was a bit nervous because how will I have my meals :- forget snacks and all but what about my lunch and dinner, I was busy thinking all these and the day arrived and my mom left.

  I was now extremely happy and was feeling like the power of freedom and I invited my friends to my place for a night out and fun it was “Friday” and people are in relaxed mood as weekend is approaching, as soon as my mom left HOME, from my neighborhood aunty to some of our close relatives started every1 was calling and inviting me for lunch and dinner, Seriously I wasn’t interested in all of them but I politely denied everybody’s invitation except my neighborhood aunty as her daughter is my friend and I was interested in her so “kya thoda impression jamane aur thodi baat badhane ke bahane haa bol diya”. After the dinner at her place I was enjoying a good time with her and even she 😀 . Next morning went as usual and the girl next door was taking good care of me and I was feeling great plus friends were going to arrive for nightout so feeling more excited. Finally in the evening it was decided that even girls from our group are going to arrive so I invited the girl from next door and she was scared of her parents but I convinced aunty to allow her as others are also coming and aunty allowed her with a stern look indicating her not to get naughty. We were all set for the night but I wanted to make her feel really good and wanted to leave a good impression on her so I was planning for it. Finally , friends arrived with all the stuffs such as booze and food which was ordered but considering the number of people it was 7 of us including the girl so we ordered Two large pizzas from Domino’s and we started enjoying. It was time to have dinner and all were asking me to serve and I was clueless as where my mom hide those utensils…Yaar Aise time pe kuch dikhta hi nai he so finally I opened the shelf to start taking out dishes for serving and then I thought that my mom has purchased some Borosil products so why not use it now and try to impress her and so I used Deep Round Casserole and filled it with triple schezwan  rice which was hot and smelled great and started serving all of them on our new Bloom – Fidernza Melamine Dinnerset whose looks were killing all of them on the table as they were bright and the Casserole was so transparent and beautiful everyone was appraising my mom for her selection and for the products Borosil. I sat next to her and served her all and we were about to complete our dinner when I introduced Cascade glasses to be filled with Vodka and everyone was now busy looking at the glasses instead of enjoying the drink so now the pizza’s had arrived as well and it was time to serve and the aroma of the pizza’s in those Melamine dinner set was awesome. The cheese was so soft and crunchy together with vodka in our Cascade glasses I was loving the moment and why not because your crush is so pleased and enjoying sitting next to you. She just said “It feels like I am having my dinner at a top restaurent as the dishes,casserole & the dinner set were so beautiful and attractive.Finally our dinner completed and everyone pleasing my mom’s selection and appraising the products from Borosil. It really made my day probably one of the best dinner for me till yet.
Are you all amazed about what Borosil is and what Borosil offers so get ready to enjoy the beauty by clicking here :- http://www.myborosil.com/


This post is written for the My Beautiful Food! contest by Borosil in Indiblogger.




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