A will to Fight

This is a post which is quite hard to write it down because it is based on my mother and to write any stuff related to my mom my hand trembles not because of fear but a strange sensation which cannot be expressed, so with that I like to thank Blogadda and YRF for starting an initiative to promote women and showcase their bravery through a movie called “Mardaani” with Rani Mukerji starring in it. So as per the name of the film it clearly suggests it to be based on bravery and courage of women,When it comes to women and all the talks related to their skills I can only admire my mother whose name is ( Minaxi Shah ), with this initiative I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mom for all what she did for me and the society as well and would also like to share her story related to Mardaani.

My mom has been raised and brought up in the city of Mumbai where we reside and since childhood she was a gift to her parents as she never disappointed her parents be it with academics or household work she is the one who kept the family together and planned different ways to built up savings for the family and she was quite happy with her life but her life turned around when she got married and yes,my mom shared this all with me. As soon as she was married she was plagued with illness and things got worse for her physically that she was chroned with asthma. I had a childhood which I want to forget because it was not normal and it was full of dullness and heartbreaks but my mom did all her best to make things get easier for me,my father suffered looses and we were financially poor and used to live by bread a day, it was my mom who took command and started doing odd jobs like selling various pickles and clothing material to people even though she used to use her inhaler to even climb 2 floor stairs she never gave up. She paid for all my expenses and still she would apologize to me for not providing me with a better life. It was her who taught me never to beg or pick up any loan but yes ! always help people and share a part with the needy.On my birthdays she used to buy pack of cream biscuits and chocolates and ask me to distribute it with the poor kids on the street. The most important thing I learned from my mom was “Always live with pride and respect” but never give up or surrender in front on anybody. She is not just my mom but she is my closest friend and while writing this post it brings tears to me and feel like to hug her tightly and thank her for all she did for me, but it didn’t end here she just didn’t worked for the family in-spite of her illness but she also helped the society as well.She was a mentor to many women around our place who were inspired by my mom to start earning and showed them different ways to save and invest. My mom is a BA graduate from Bhavans College,Mumbai she used to share with me her college stories which I think no other women would discuss it with their child,she used to say that some guys used to follow her friend in the campus and trouble her but it was my mom who raised her voice and informed the authorities with several written complaints that all those harassing and misbehavior stopped.

She is the strongest and the more courageous women I have ever met in my life  (Though she is not an armed warrior) she always helped me achieve my passion and goals and taught me never think on critics from society or relatives always be on the right path and achieve your goals facing all the obstacles and hurdles,Just believe in yourself and have a zeal to win and fight for what you desire or need.I think the movie “Mardaani” will showcase the similar story of courage and bravery of a women in a men dominated society and I wish them all the best for the movie and I am looking forward  for it’s release. Just want to thank you Blogadda for coming up with great initiatives.

PS:- I wanted to post a pic of my mom holding the placard with “I am Mardaani” written on it but she she refrained me from posting it because of shyness I think.

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at BlogAdda.com for Indian Bloggers.


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