Iron Man for ME !!!

World is growing and developing too quickly at this point of time and growth and success rate is contributed from all people belonging to earth ( No Aliens ! )  but we never have imagined a force behind individual success and that is the turning point for an individual which is the vital in his life, we often get to see celebrities and read and hear about their role models and we chat and gossip about it but  have we ever imagined our role model who has inspired us and has been our mentor or do we chat or gossip about it ? the general  answer to this question is NO ! and the reason behind it is we are so mesmerized and addicted to people who appear in front of our screens. We all say Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachan is our role model and we need to get inspire by them but do we really implement it like Eklavya did for Dronacharya in Mahabharat time. I would like to thank Gillette and Blogadda for coming up with a contest which gives us a opportunity to look into ourselves and admire our role model and proudly share with the whole world.

When I say my role model they are my parents but there is a person who literally changed my life and made be a man which a society can love and will love the society and he is Padma Shree Awardee Commodore Superintendent of Sea Cadet Corps Rabinder Gokaldas Ahuja.  The Sea Cadet Corps(SCC), a non-government youth organization, founded by the late Hon Commodore Gokualdas S. Ahuja in Karachi on 13th may 1938, has a current membership of nearly 6,000 boys and girls in it’s 15 units all over India. The Organization relies on the Corporate Society and its well wishers for financial support which enables the Corps to provide training to thousands of young boys and girls.The organization develops values, sense of responsibility and a spirit of adventure in young people in the age group of 10 to 18 years.Through nautical and related training, the Corps aims to build character and foster leadership amongst the youth, besides increasing the awareness of “Affair Maritime”. The training imparted also enables those desiring to follow a career at sea to be better prepared.

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When I joined SCC in the year 2004 I was just a 11 years boy who passed an entrance to enter the world of sea and seamen life. My journey begin early morning on sundays at TS Jawahar, Colaba where the headquarters of SCC is located we used to do parade, sailing, swimming and many more activities and Co. Ahuja was the one who is always present to guide and direct us the most important thing I learnt from him was discipline, he never tolerated indiscipline or misconduct and this was the main factor which got implemented in me, his charishma and his presence was so deadly ( Because we were scared of him) that we never ever thought to break a single rule apart from discipline he made us learn the meaning of self dependent, co-operation and team work. Though the course of my time at SCC that was not a single day he was absent or late which I will never forget. Even today when I get late for my office or college I blame time,sleep,traffic but then I just get remember sir Ahuja and I just blame myself for the lapse. I still remember when I was injured and the next day there was a sailing competition I was sad and depressed about my participation because of the injury but it was him who came upto me and said ” You Fool, Stand up And Raise Yourself “. He literally pushed me and said you will never achieve anything if you cry over your hurdles and at that point of time I was so energized and participated in the competition though I didn’t win but he thought me a lesson to remember throughout my life that never give up.There are many more things which I want to say but I can’t express it in words but I want to share one more incident when I had financial problems at my home to support my education he told me that no work is small and no money earned from hard work is less,though the amount will not fulfill your desires but it will give you a hope to live and fight for more and these words made me join Bpo and I was able to afford my education.I even used to see him explaing things to kid in a kiddish or naughty way and adults in a standard way you can say he was the master of command. On his command the entire organization works and he is truely 1 man show, he had 2 heart attacks and 2 paralysis attack but still he is there every sunday at T.S Jawahar to inspire and motivate young boys and girls to fight for their dream and moud them into a person who can benefit a society. He was a kind of personality who never tolerated reasons and he always wanted results thus the same attitude came upon me not completely but to an extend that I always want to complete my tasks. He inspired my so much in my life that I turned into a person I never imagined I would be like, just want to thank him for all his deeds and his dedication to the organization which is priceless a true hero and a true leader. Even my mom says he is a true motivator and a source of inspiration to me.I hope one day I can repay all his deeds and inspire or help someone like he did for many of us.

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