The Idea Caravan – App for Exams

Today, I just watched a video on Youtube which featured Angad Nadkarni as he was addressing on stage which was partnered by TEDxGateway Mumbai and the event was held last year in December,as the video shows a young guy who is a hacker and also studying currently explains us the concept behind hacking which he says are known by Noise & Patterns he also quotes how hackers use to hack not technically but he explained it in brief and that too logically.

As he is also a student so he knows what pains a normal student has to go with and what all he has to bear in order to clear examinations so in the video he explains that he noticed students have to face many noises around them,for eg,notes, tuition notes, xerox copies and much more for just clearing the examinations which is completely wrong on fundamental basis and I also agree with it,because the students do not learn anything which they are studying they are studying just to clear the exams and achieve degree out of it so the learning factor is still lagging and it is not acceptable, in India we just study to pass the exams and we do not learn what we are studying & the blame is not only of students but the education department is to be blamed.So this thought lead to a creative thinking which made him create a app called “Examify”. This app collects question papers of all the exams across India and not only schools,colleges but also tuition classes and coaching institutes so a student can get all the papers at one place and study according to it,to help the students the  app has some features like popularity where a question is statistically analyzed and will be shown that how many times it is repeated and also the last year when it was asked so a user can go through questions and also build their database of important questions which he needs to study for the exams ,apart from it there is another feature where a user can set a timer to answer a question and according to it can improve his writing speed and the ability to answer in the examinations with this he concluded the speech and it really inspired me as at my time there was no such things were can get the important questions or the database but today’s generation can really help and also be beneficial to the students,technology can really help students and the Idea by Angad  to create such app was amazing which will really help the students across the country.

The Idea was quite simple but amazing which can lead to further developments like important notes and clues and also assist students to get revisions and fast track notes which they can avail according to their convenience ,the idea was really ispiring and I would like that it should get a promotion so that the app develops and ultimately help the students.



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